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Terms & conditions

"Let's be reasonable."



Minimum $100 call-out fee,  $85/hr + materials.  tax extra.   Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Simple labour rates differ from specialty rates, such as fine finishing, roofing, cement work, project management, or subtrade rates.

All materials and subtrades engaged are subject to a min 10% markup.  Sourcing of materials, transportation to site and other use of our time is billable at $65/hr.    So if you would like to save a little money, please purchase your items (tub, lumber, lights etc etc) and have them ready, 
Otherwise if we have to go source them out, (drive around and buy them, and truck them there), we're happy to do so, it just costs our hourly fee.   Electricians and plumbers do the same.

Dumping - loadup of trailer, transport to dump and unload: min $175. plus dumping station fees as levied.  Hazardous materials not included.  Their price is very different.  Hazardous report required.

Depending on the job, we may ask for a deposit up front - usually to facilitate purchases.  Regular end of week billing and collections are the norm.  Larger projects will require stepped or milestone payments.  

Additional costs are incurred when a change to the project is directed by the homeowner or project manager.  A minor change to a renovation job frequently involves way more than a homeowner realizes.  Let us all be clear that a change in the scope or job whatsoever will be a change in the costs. 

Credit Card Processing, return and refund Policy

We are now accepting credit cards (visa/mastercard) payments on our new secure Bamboo iPhone application and online, which allows us the convenience of accepting payments online and in realtime.  There is a 3% surcharge applied to these transactions to cover their exorbitant processing fees.

Refunds are given only at the discretion of the management.  Due to the very nature of renovations where new products are integrated into existing structures with a large labour component, refunds may not be viable. However we will credit your card where an overpayment has occured.  Where a deposit was received but the project or products where unavailable or we where unable to proceed, a 10% holdback will apply in these cases if we have incurred expenses to carry or reserve a project. 

No credit card information is stored at our location or in our CC terminal, and no information is sold to outside parties for any reason.  Transactions are in Canadian Dollars $ only. Transaction items will indicate Habidex on your statement.  Habidex Renovations is registered in the city of New Westminster, BC, Canada, and is licensed, insured, and is current with WCB.   Habidex is a registered Trademark.

Hazardous Materials Assessments, Policies

The construction industry has changed forever.  In the past, anybody could go out and grab a hammer, and go demo a room and rebuild it.  Today, WorksafeBC regulates the law and the industry by dictating new laws of demo and remediation that results in prosecution of homeowners and contractors that do not follow safe practices.  All building projects where a building is older than 1984 that involve demo or alteration, require an environmental assessment to determine mould, asbestos, mercury, lead, and other substances known to be hazardous to humans.  Asbestos is frequently found in drywall and it's mud compounds.  Mercury in the paint in older buildings, and even lead on the floor tiles - once disclosed as present - must be removed prior to work starting by a licensed and insured Hazardous materials abatement company.  You can't just wack out the old tiles or asbestos ridden drywall any more, it has to be removed by abatement firms that seal off the area, create 
negative air flow systems and filters, carefully bagged, labeled, and removed to an accepted abatement landfill site.  The legal ramifactions are very real, not to mention the hazard to our health.  Homeowners with known materials hazards are facing lawsuits for exposing tradesmen and others to life-threatening environs.  People are dying from lung cancers directly caused by exposure to asbestos, mould, and more.  

The cost of initial sample assessment are not huge- typically a $75 starting point.  From that report, we determine the course of action to take in the demo and rebuilding process.  Abatement however can be very expensive.  We take this eventuality very seriously.  We have heard of friends dying from quick-onset disease after doing their own un-abated demo and renovations.  This is not something to try and sidestep or go around the system.  If you believe your site has mould, lets get rid of it, and do it right.  If you've got asbestos in the walls or tiles, lets deal with it right. If you don't need to touch something that has asbestos in it, then don't.  The complication of past products used to build our homes has present-day ramifications that we need to deal with competantly and responsibly.  More information on these policies and procedures can be reviewed on the website. 

If you want to start a renovation project, please expect that the process of assessment/abatement/cleanup/renovation is a normal part of modern renovations.  Lets create a safe and responsible enviroment for us all.


Stop Work Policy - Furtherance Authorizations

  • Mould

  • Insect or animal infestations

  • Wood rot, structural failures


If a condition is discovered where one of the above issues becomes apparent that needs to be rectified before work can continue, we Stop the work on that area, and

-Determine if area affected can be easily rectified with materials on hand.

-Call to receive authorization for continuance to remediate the issue.

-Receive a verbal or written P.O. # for this continuance may be necessary.

-If no authorization is obtained-No further action is then taken, leaving the area exposed for further investigation or examination.


Mould:  Typically Black surface mould caused by exposure to moisture within a wall space, left untreated eats the wood surface areas away. Toxic fumes and exposure to spores is dangerous and can be lethal to people with respiratory ailments.


Infestations: Carpenter Ants, termites, Wasps nests, rodents and the like are examples of discoveries that need rectifying before continuance.  


Rot:  Wood structures that have extensive rot have no structural strength left and will not support adjoining structures and have compromised capability.  Often a simple pressure washing will initially reveal these conditions, and wood needs to be replaced properly to rebuild the structures.  Rebuilding a structure is an extensive operation, akin to tearing things apart, just to get at the affecting areas, rebuilding it all, and putting it all back again properly. 


These stop work issues are serious, and we take them seriously.  If we call for a furtherance authorization, there will be additional costs and materials incurred on top of the original scope of work.


Please note that all specialty subtrades have minimum charges and standard billing practices that may differ somewhat to each other.  Typical charge-outs are a minimum of 2 hours + time and materials used, however you need to inquire for your project. 


Conditions apply in construction.  We reserve the right to alter the design or construction to accommodate acceptable building practices, code requirements, engineering or inspection alterations as dictated by these authorities.   In some cases we may have to make changes to accommodate a build beyond what is 
expected.   Time is of the essense, some changes will not effect the outcome, some may.


Standard Statement of Construction terms:


Construction can be a disruptive process to any home or business.   We will make all reasonable attempts to minimize damage, disruption, and debris, and work within reasonable boundaries for this project to complete.  If deemed necessary, we will put down construction paper or mats to facilitate walking through to minimize tracking mud or dirt into your home/business.  We will also require reasonable access to your bathroom facilities, or we can add on the rental of a porta-podi which will be dropped by our supplier onsite.   As well, a temporary storage area for lumber drops or staging may be required. Whenever possible, we will move lumber to an ‘out-of-site’ location, to help to alleviate theft opportunities. 

Note that costs for permits, investigations, architectural plans or drawings, or designs - are not included in a typical estimate.  They are required for City Hall permit processes, and will be (partially or all) funded from the initial deposit  This is a lengthy and involved process that includes meetings with designers or architects, city hall officials, plan checking, micro-fiche inspections, copying existing drawings, structural engineering, onsite meetings, and coordination of plans with the owners.   Allowance for time (in weeks) and money is essential prior to proceeding with your project, and no guarantee of timing is given.

For residential projects, we do observe regular quiet times bylaws, and as such would not start prior to 8am, and noise would cease after 8pm.  We do aim for regular working hours – 9am to 5pm, but depending on crew availability and their drive times to your site, this may vary.  In some cases, a crew member may request to stay extra longer to avoid rush hours or accommodate completion, so they would communicate to you their intent to ensure that it is ok with your

Please note that it is normal for construction equipment and tools to be stored onsite during the project.  It is our practice to store power tools and power equipment such as compressors out-of-sight to avoid potential break-ins.   Tools require power to operate, and good access to your electrical box and outlets is necessary to facilitate construction.  

Of special note is the possibility that your site may have extremely difficult access for bringing in items such as wallboard, lumber, shower stalls and large items due to the lack of direct outside access.  For this reason we will need to verify that a window/door/access/elevator be large enough to accommodate pass-throughs into the appropriate areas.

Please note that we consider all job sites directly to be no-smoking zones, and any labourer who does light up occasionally must do so outside away from the direct site area.  Construction vehicles will need immediate or direct parking
throughout the project, and may at times require access to your garage/site for parts transfers and such.  No drugs or alcohol is permitted to be offered to any labourer at any time, and no verbal slanders will be tolerated.  Please provide a set of keys and passcodes to facilitate our entry/access to the project area.  They will be returned to you at the end of the project.

Since you the home/business owner will be an integral part of the renovation process, it is normal to have interaction with labourers –identifying needs and issues, placements, working solutions, and so on.  At any point if a substantial change is requested or identified in the project, it will likely constitute a “Change Order” and will have a corresponding change in the price for the project to complete. 

It is normal for a project to undergo some natural changes and the décor to be ‘worked out’ in order to complete.  The decision to go for a carpeted floor vs. a laminate floor for instance could require changes to casings, floor leveling,
and so on.  More substantial changes like moving a light switch or electrical outlet while simple on the surface to request, may require much more to actually complete than is initially envisioned. 

Permits and licenses: A permit must be prominently displayed according to city bylaw requirements.  Simple change-outs typically do not require a permit.  A decision by homeowner to forgo permits is not normally recommended, and we accept no liability or responsibility with regard to this manner if a permit is required and has not been obtained.  

We always and in every circumstance build to code and beyond, and will not willingly degrade a building project with substandard construction or techniques.  We will invite and accommodate inspections by inspectors at every stage, and your
involvement is not required except to facilitate entry.  Any changes an inspector insists upon will be considered directional changes to accommodate completion of the project, and as such may have monetary or time extension results to the project.  We cannot be held responsible for their decisions or the consequences of their actions.  Should a stop-work order be issued, we reserve the right to withhold any deposit against loss.  You will of course be informed of any substantive change required.   It is normal for the inspectors to leave a sheet outlining – not detailing – the changes required if any.  I recommend that a documentation folder be started to accommodate accumulating information throughout the project.  We normally post a clip board onsite for this process, but the bulk of specific information should be stored appropriately.  Any new appliance or electrical items with substantive warranty cards, folders, or information will be regularly gathered and placed in that documentation folder for your warranty pursuits.

Firestopping:  Firestopping is a fairly new concept to Canadian homeowners, but it is an essential and lawful requirement of the building code.  Many codes and regulations are in place to ensure proper fire stopping and firebreaks.  We are always going to build and do what we believe is required to ensure proper fire stopping code is satisfied when an opening is created by the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC or other trades.   We will be adhering to these standards, and the cost of your project will be reflecting the standards are met and local municipal codes are kept. 

Electrical considerations:  All new electrical affected in the project will be required to be up to code, and if existing boxes/switches/plugs/breakers/wire is to be moved or adjusted in any way, this will trigger an upgrade to current code requirements for these items.  Building inspectors may insist that a broader upgrade be done at their discretion. Any additional renovation costs incurred to satisfy a code upgrade are considered an additional cost to the project.

Plumbing considerations: All new plumbing affected in the project will be required to be up to code, and if existing plumbing is to be adjusted in any way, this will trigger an upgrade to that to current code requirements. Any additional renovation costs incurred to satisfy a code upgrade are considered an additional cost to the project.  Simple service-level plumbing typically does not require a permit.

Flooring considerations:  Transitions are an important factor when meshing old flooring to new, and impact the costs of a project beyond the simple cost/square/foot of the flooring to install.  Additional costs will be incurred to do floor
leveling if required, or sub floor adjustments, removal, or additions.  As well, removal of baseboards/trims to allow flooring to be installed, may incur additional costs to reinstall.  No guarantee of quality of used material is made when reinstalling.  Door jams, doors, and trims may need to be trimmed to accommodate for flooring height adjustments and may incur additional costs.   Transitions are often an additional part of a complex job, and may be billed at time and materials costs extra.  Typical metal or wood transitions are the norm.  If you have different expectations, you must discuss this with the site supervisor prior to floor work starting.  Unless specifically detailed in a project, you can assume that any extras required to complete a project will incur additional costs.

Ceiling considerations:  Often people forget that the ceiling needs to be considered when adjusting a wall.  New walls will have to be joined physically and cosmetically along the ceiling.  Costs incurred to remedy this need to be addressed.

Please note: a construction site is not a site for pets or young children and as such we must insist on pet restrictions from the direct area.    If for any reason we judge a child or pet to be in danger around our work or equipment, we will cease work until that situation is rectified.  If continued, we may consider a situation too difficult to maintain a safe work environment, and elect to discontinue work at your expense. 


 Please note that it is normal for a construction site to get extremely dirty and dusty.  We have construction shop-vacuums and will do regular and periodic site cleanups, but do not expect a job site to be spotless on any given day unless you have indicated to us this requirement at the onset.  If you as a homeowner elect to provide additional site cleanup on a regular basis – that is wonderful – as long as tools and components are not substantially moved.  Typical residential construction sites are not hospital-grade clean room operations.  If you are expecting this kind of day to day cleanliness, or have special flooring or items to protect, notify us in advance so that we can take reasonable care or cover the affected items. 


 We have a standard style and anticipated routine of installations with our methods and subtrades.  While we welcome discussion, hostile or critical interventions of our methodology will not be tolerated, and may result in termination of your work. We have been doing reno jobs for many years, and we have our way of doing things.  Just because someone has watched a 30min TV reno show doesn’t make them an expert on renovations, or qualify them to be critical of our methodology.  While these shows do alot to boost the populations’ expectations and general knowledge, they don’t show the where’s or why’s an experienced tradesman or crew has to do things in a particular way in order to create a satisfactory outcome.   They most certainly do not reflect business costs, labour costs, or any real expenses to build.  Unrealistic expectations have been one of the problems these shows have created.   Building a home in a week for example. 
If you have 300 volunteers, and 200 behind the scenes tradesman, it’s doable.  But believe me, the paint is wet, the concrete is still setting, and 1000 things could still go wrong. 

Please also do not use the tools we bring onsite for construction, unless specifically guided and supervised by myself or an experienced craftsman.  They are not toys, and they can be dangerous.  Extra paint, primer, floor coverings, lumber, or any construction component may be left over after the job, and if you designate a spot, we will put them there for your use.  Otherwise we will assume you do not want leftovers at the job site and will either throw them out or retain them. 
Any trips to a dump or transfer station by our crew or trailers will accrue corresponding transfer and dump fees.  Larger size bins accrue larger fees accordingly.  Heavy loads such as roofing or concrete incur additional charges as per the Recycling facility themselves.

It is normal for a job site in a confined area such as a bathroom or basement to have a vacuum or ventalation fan running for extended periods of time venting the air out through a window or duct.   This creates a negative air pressure environment necessary help ensure dust etc in the air is vented outside by pulling air from within the house into the area and forced outside.  This is a normal part of construction and must be endured by all until job completion.  As well, fans and lights may be set up to run throughout the day or night to facilitate drying/venting, and are expected to be accommodated to facilitate completion.


Your home is your sanctuary, and normally a quiet refuge from your busy work lives, and as such it is very disquieting to have a construction crew at work in and around your home.  Sorry about that.  It is not our intent to disrupt your home,
but nevertheless it will become a construction zone.  As a construction site, there must be reasonable tolerance and accommodation of the site for construction and workers. It may well be necessary to tape up sheets of plastic to isolate living quarters during stages to minimize dust and debris.  This is a normal part of the construction process, and while they are not perfect at isolating dust, they are a big help.  It is normal to experience dust throughout a home during our project, even with dust-zones established by plastic sheets.  It is just to help minimize the dust, not guarantee a dust-free project.  For those especially sensitive to dust in a construction zone, acquiring an air purifier may be a good investment prior to the project.

If you engage this project, we expect you to have sufficient finances in place to complete the project, and we will require a deposit and moneys at various stages as necessary to complete the job.  Failure to provide funds as required may
cause the project to cease without recourse.   If unpaid bills remain, we retain the right to sue for damages in a regular court of law.  We endeavour to resolve all disputes cordially and immediately, and would prefer to have a good working relationship with all parties.  We're good guys!

It is our practice to utilize experienced reputable trades and experts, and as such we have a great track record of successful trade practices.  If you as a homeowner decide that a work or product installed is unacceptable (for example – you may decide the countertop looked great the showroom, but in your own house it looks awful, or the product doesn’t ‘work’) you may elect to redo the process at additional time and expense as necessary.  Habidex reserves the right to evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action from a construction viewpoint.    Subtrades may elect to discuss installations directly with the homeowner to help facilitate their job or installation.  This discussion is a normal process and does not negate the project management in progress, but may alter it if changes are requested. 

It is what it is:  The favourite jobsite phrase.  Working with products, materials, and installations is a multi-faceted exercise and at times the outcomes are unpredictable or may appear unacceptable to a homeowner.  A new door knob for example, may appear upside down if installed correctly.  A shower handle may be designed to be offset, not straight up and down.   Shower doors may exhibit a leak if water is sprayed at a crack or hole.  If a floor is uneven, some new floorcoverings will hide it, others will accentuate it.  Some things are just "features".  We can only install what the manufacturer designs or provides.  Often we are asked to install brand new never-seen-before faucets, tubs, sinks, towel warmers, lights, and a host of other things.  We take great care to figure them out, and we attempt to follow the directions.   Please be reasonable.   The outcome is often a discovery process.   If we spend several hours figuring out how to assemble a light fixture or a vanity for example, and you come home and hate it, it’s not our fault.  If you are looking for absolute white-gloved perfection, please advise us beforehand so that we can double our prices accordingly or decline your project. 

Reasonable people will have happy renovations!     

Warranties: Manufactured items have their own warranties, and are covered by their representatives individually.  Our subtrades warranty their work individually to Habidex and the homeowner, and if problems arise the subtrades will correct the issue individually. If a product fails in the course of its use, the product frequently has to be removed at the homeowners’ expense and replaced.  If it is replaced by the manufacture it does not include the cost of removal
and reinstallation
.   If we detect a faulty part beforehand we will stop and replace it immediately, or seek to remedy it asap.  In some cases the homeowner may have to respond to the manufactures’ rep or outlet directly to facilitate warranty coverage.

Countertop warranties: Each countertop slab is warrantied by the importer for quality, and that is inspectd before acceptance at the fabricator. That fabricator then fashions the product, transports it, and installs it onto the cabinetry found onsite, where it is set upon.  Should a further crack develop, it is assumed to be a result of weight settling or cabinet shifting due to the excessive weight factors, which is beyond our control.   We will work to resolve a replacement to you at minimum cost, but additional costs will be charged due to the slab, fabrication, installation and disposal costs.   


 Debris bins:  If a debris bin or trailer will be required, it needs to be as close to your building as possible during the project, and a special area may be designated for debris dumping. We will make every attempt to clean the affected debris, and remove nails and plastics as they occur.  Please be patient, we will clean it up.  Debris bins may have adverse affects on the landscape or driveway due to being heavy and needing transport.  We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by bins/haulaway companies. 

Work performed nd materials used is to satisfy existing primary business/homeowner requests only.   Habidex and/or its employees accept no responsibility or liability for future damages in any way caused or affected by any changes as requested by the homeowner.


 We look forward to a good working relationship, and a great renovation. 




Standard Painting agreement

Typical cost is .85/sq ft of wall space for a 2coat application, plus $45/hr for trims and specialty areas.
Wall repairs $45/hr + materials req'd.
Standard materials list to be purchased and charged to the job in addition to  paint include: painters tape, rollers, brushes, edgers, paint thinner/cleaner, degreaser, or other supplies necessary to complete  your job.  This may include addt'l covers, access equipment such as ladders , scaffolding, heaters, as required.
All electrical covers are typically removed during painting, and will be reinstalled at completion.  
We may decide to mask around some items as best deemed necessary.
Painting down to carpet level *may* have carpet fibers absorb paint, however we will try to minimize this.  Valuables And heavy furniture must be moved prior to painting, or addt'l charges will be  incurred.  Covering furniture with plastic incurs cost of drop sheets.   

Please keep children away from plastics for their own safety. Painting itself is billed at $65/hr unless a project is quoted lump sum. Deposit req'd typically 50%. Balance due at completion. Access keys and reasonable parking will be req'd.
All surfaces will be primed and coated, for 2 complete coats. Interior coatings may get pretinted primer or coverstain and 1 extra coat of final paint.  Multi color changes will incur higher charges. Surfaces requiring color matching will require a cutout removal for computerized matching, which will be covered back over later.  A computerized match, while certainly close, does not guarantee an exact match. hanges made during project will incur addt'l charges.  Not responsible for color choices or wall conditions with prior damage or pe existing condtions which may become more obvious due to resurfacing.  Wall patches will be sanded but may still be visible depending on indeterminate factors.  Paint adhesion determined by factors outside our control. Wallpaper  removal may require additional surface restoration.


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