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Covid-19 Protocols

Due to the Virus, Habidex and Subtrades will exercise distancing and reduced contact measures.

We will only come onsite if people living there allow at LEAST 6 feet distance, and respect our need to work in isolation.   We will use a mask whenever possible, and we would prefer you do as well.

Until there is an all-clear sounded, and a vaccine available, we can safely assume risk still exists, so we will maintain these cautionary measures even if we are onsite.   

We have expressed our preferences to our subtrade experts as well, however they do ultimately have their own protocols of protection.  

If you feel the level of safety is unacceptable, please call a halt to the work and send the worker away, no matter who it is.  Everyone should be using PPE, and it is our wish that all labour's and trades use PPE precautions, but mistakes happen and some people don't have the diligence others' do.   As we cannot be there at all times to supervise, please take all precautions for your own safety.

Covid 19

Note: We have an Ozone machine we can use to disinfect your whole site, for a modest fee.  

Ozone kills bacteria and is also listed on the CDC website as effective in eliminating Covid-19.


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