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Kitchen Checklist

New at this?  Here's the basic checklist you'll need to ensure your kitchen reno happens right.  Just a guideline


  • Create a layout for your new kitchen

Measure the space accurately, including appliances, window locations ands sizes, electrical outlets, plumbing, walls and ceiling height.

  • Keeping the bulkheads?  or Removal?

  • - does the drywall have asbestos?  Do you need abatement?

  • Keeping floors or new?

  • Repainting?

  • Tiling the backsplash?

  • Moving appliances?

  • Changing the stove to Gas/Electric?

  • Decide about type of Countertop (laminate, stone, manufacturered?)

  • Decide about the hood fan.  

  • Plan for HVAC connectivity, (6"), power, how it attaches to wall etc

  • Plan for a cabinet removal date that allows for the repairs of walls, repainting, electrical updates, plumbing issues.

  • Plan for ceiling repairs, ceiling painting if necessary

  • Organize for the cabinet removal/disposal

  • Have new Sink and faucet purchased and sitting there ahead of time.

  • Have a new Dishwasher (if needed) there and ready ahead of time.

  • Have a new Garberator (if needed) there and ready ahead of time.

  • Order your cabinets

  • Order your countertop

  • Know that if your kitchen is demo'd, there's no kitchen for awhile.

  • Orchestrate the flooring to be replaced 

  • Clear out your cabinets of all items to storage

  • Test the waterline shutoff valves to ensure they hold back water.

  • Know where the suite or home water shutoff is and test it.

  • Turn off the water, 

  • turn off the electrical to appliances and hood fan

  • Remove the cabinets, countertop

  • Remove the hood fan, 

  • remove the dishwasher

  • remove the stove and fridge

  • Remove the cabinets and dispose

  • Clean area.

  • Do electrical updating

  • Do plumbing mods as necessary

  • Remove flooring as necessary

  • Do drywall repairs

  • Do painting and finishing to suit

  • Flooring installation if appropriate now

  • Delivery of cabinets

  • Installation of cabinets

  • Installation of hood fan/hvac

  • Installation of Countertop

  • Installation of sink, faucet, dishwasher, garberator, plumbing connections

  • Installation of cabinet lighting, other electrical

  • Installation of Stove, and oven components

  • Flooring installation if appropriate now

  • Final trims and cleanup.

New Kitchen is done.


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