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 Habidex Renovations was formed in 2001, initially to do extreme home makeovers with homes here in the lower mainland.  Leveraging many years renovation experience, adding quality licensed subtrade experts, we have a crew that is -in a word - awesome.  See our gallery and testimonials!  Plus you can see reviews online.

Proud supporter of World Vision child! 

Proceeds help!

Habidex is run by Eric Elford, who is married with 2 awesome kids.  Even as a kid Eric found he had a knack for hammering at things, doing logging, and organizing projects with neighbourhood kids.  Getting into the thick of things with his Dad, he found he enjoyed working on little and big projects alike, and for many years did odd jobs and smaller reno projects for friends and family.    He spent 25yrs running his own I.T. computer sales, service and consulting firm (Elford Technologies) before doing a mid-life change into renovations full time.  Eric is the kind of guy that  (at 21 living in an apartment), decided he just had to buy a chain-saw.  "It was too good a deal to pass up!!"  (Much to wife Sue's great shagrin).  At the first opportunity, He cut down his own Christmas tree with the chain saw. 


  • Over the years, Eric gained alot of insight and know-how by doing extreme home makeovers, and transitioning many projects from conception to completion.  This was years before it became popular on TV.

  • Years later, and now armed with a good crew of subtrades and experience, Eric finds himself enjoying the small to mid-sized projects that large crews just don't want or have time for, but where Eric and his select team can do a great job for homeowners.

  • All of the projects represented in the galleries are projects that Eric has had a hand in, or in entirety as a General Contractor from beginning to end.

  • "As a general contractor, I do most of the work myself, but bring in the experts for the plumbing and electrical, roofing, and tiling.  Each expert brings their experience and professionalism to my jobsite, which overall brings the standard of quality much higher than any do-it-all handyperson".  These are experts, and their's no screwing around or short cuts on the important stuff. 

  • Habidex is a recognized leader in quality renovations and repairs in the lower mainland.   We are a Customer Service Award winner!

  • We are insured (2mil liability), have current WCB coverage, and are also Occupational 1st Aid Trained.


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