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Habidex is a general contractor, providing whole job service from beginning to end.  We have an established group of professionals that work with us every day.  Electricians, plumbers, drywallers, flooring, counters, cabinets, railings, decking, painting and much more.  Call us to get started.

REMODELING / carpentry

From simple changes to large upgrades, Habidex has over 20 years experience in multiple remodeling projects.  Got an idea you want done?  Great!  Give us a call.  See the gallery for a few examples.


Electrical upgrades are vital to most projects, and our guys are the best.  Insured and professional, your electrical needs will be handled with expertise.  

1 Day Demo

Demo your old kitchen or bathroom in just 1 day!  Conditions apply, call to book.




40 years of renovating has made me an expert at painting.  Wall repairs, new walls, whatever your dream look - we can paint it.  See examples in the gallery!

I have a subtrade crew of plumbers second to none!  From sinks to toilets, drains and stacks, our guys are licensed and come with experience to handle even the toughest plumbing job.  Call to book em!

Yes, we do windows!  We work with several local factories that build and warranty great vinyl windows.  10 years warranties available.  See the gallery for examples of our work.  We supply and install.

Some of the services that Habidex offers:

  • Renovations Construction, carpentry, finishing and rough-ins.

  • Basement renovations, upgrades and more. Roofing and repairs.

  • Kitchen makeovers, demolition to brand new.

  • Bathrooom makeovers, demolition to brand new.

  • Decks - demolition to completion.

  • Fireguarding, Caulking, poly, foamboard, insulation.

  • Plumbing and electrical subtrade management.

  • Electrical, upgrades and changes

  • Flooring-leveling, subfloor installation, prep for Faux-floorings and transitions.

  • Rot repairs, surface rot, remediation.

  • Door and window replacements, casing and mouldings

  • Painting - prep to finish, color-matching and more.

  • Site cleanup by the trailerload or bins

  • Pressure-washing, property for sale upgrades, maintenance.

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