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Countertop Limitations
Change to terms

Please be advised of our change to terms and conditions affecting stone type countertop products and installations.

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Please be advise of a change in terms for Stone type countertops.

There is a change to our terms and conditions regarding Slab countertops and installations that may affect you. As of Feb 5/2023 we limit our potential costs in these installations for cracks or movement, which is most often due to shifting or weight factors beyond our control.  This is outside a warranty condition.

Slab rock countertop products weight 100's of pounds and that may have adverse effects on cabinet products or even flooring or foundations below.   As buildings or components settle, especially under increased weight, components may have movements and other factors that may contribute to result in a countertop developing a crack or related issue.  This is not necessarily a flaw in product or installation, but more likely a combination of issues as significant weight forces push the limits of components involved.   There should not be an occassion where people are standing on stone countertops, as this will only contribute to cracks or movement. 

In the unlikely event of this occurrence, we will remove and replace the countertop at our costs plus 10% only, but please note that this cost is passed on to you to simply as a facilitation, there is no warranty on this type of occurence.

As a general contractor (Habidex) will work with the fabricator and slab suppliers to facilitate a repair or replacement with reasonable expedience and customer service.

This does not occur with any regulatiry, but as always we will facilitate the best possible outcomes to create the best result possible for our clients.



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