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Bathroom Reno checklist

Plan it!

Decide on what to do- a few examples










infloor heat?

heated towel rack

Grab support bars

Tiled shampoo niche?

Seat in shower?

Glass walls?


New Door?

Ceiling work?


Fan/air movement





-Ensure your plumbing shuttoffs work!

-At least know and test suite/home valves work.

Shop for things you want, like Vanity or tiles, or glass concepts.  Plan for it, buy stuff on sale to save money.  Buy faucets, toilets, tubs, shower controls, vanity, mirror, everything you can ahead of time so it's ready for installation.

Decide on possibly reGlazing the tub/sink is a suitable option.  Saves 1000's of dollars.

If you are going to tearout out the old stuff, a plumber (at least) will be advisable.

When you're ready to start, turn off the water source!

Remove the big stuff first.  




Mirror/cabinets, racks, holders, etc

shower/tubwall tiles next

Disconnects for shower drain/controls.

Clean it up.

If you have removed it to the studs, now is the time to evaluate stud leveling, locations, handle/grips, niches, location of controls, mounting brackets, backing, water access, valves, glass attachment areas, floor leveling, plumbing for new vanity (likely different), dealing with old polyB piping.

Electrical mods should be done.

- significant if infloor heating added

- significant if new fan install

Repaint ceilng.

Install hood fan, or upgrade if possible.

Install new tub or shower base

Have new plumbing roughed' in, inspected

Water test, drain, pressure test etc

Install waterproof shower/tub walls

Drywall repairs.


Tile of shower walls

Tile of floors

Installation of Vanity 

installation of countertop

Installation of faucet

Installation of Backsplash

Installation of Mirror/cabinet

Installation of towelracks, grab bars,

installation of shower curtain bar

Installation of Glass door/glasswork

Installation of Toilet

Installation of shower trims, 

Baseboard, caulking.




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